Winter Feast 2018
Posted on 11/28/2018
Feasting at the Winter FeastThe DVHS Winter Feast is coming up on Friday, December 7th at the Vets Memorial Center. This year, you’ll report straight to the Vets at the start of your day (8:15 am for P1; 9:11 am for P2). Attendance will be taken at the door. The Feast ends at 12:00 pm and you’ll be released to go home (unless you have a DSHS class, which you have to attend). You will be excused form DSHS classes for periods 1-4. There will be games, movies, food, a performance from Mariachi del Valle, and, of course, lots of student and staff talent to enjoy! Get your permission slip turned in by Tuesday, December 4th to the DVHS Office.

Feast Permission Form

Winter Feast Games  Winter Feast Band  Winter Feast Staff Performance