Fundraiser Thank You
Posted on 06/09/2020
Thank You Dear Da Vinci Families, Friends and Supporters,

First, a huge thank you to all of you that participated in our annual fundraiser this year.  What an amazing show of support during these difficult times. 

I personally would like to thank my co-chair and friend Maureen Ladd for always being supportive and amazing the past four years. We also had an amazing auction committee this year: Cristie Baron, Alice Harrison, Marcel Horowitz, Kim Jester, Heidi Johnson, Caron McMillan, Marianne Quaas, and Tiffany Yost.  Thank you all for your creativity, laughter, organization and sense of fun.
Another giant thank you goes out to Grace DeMasi, our out-going Booster president.  Thank you for supporting our crazy ideas, being a wonderful liaison between the committee and staff, and becoming a dear friend.  I will miss you.
SydneyAnother thank you goes out to my daughter Sydney, who drove all over Davis and Woodland delivering the weekly auction items without complaint. Well, almost no complaint. Lol! She also helped out selling SW drawing tickets on Saturday. Thanks, kiddo!

And last, but not least, thank you to our donors.  Thank you for extending expirations dates because of the shut-down. As you can see below, the families and businesses/organizations that donated this year were outstanding.

So here it is.  The grand total.  After selling 52 additional Southwest gift cards, 2 additional sets of DVCA pint glasses and 3 items that hadn’t sold during the auction……..our grand total from the Big Online Auction was $10,286!!!  And then when you add in the weekly auctions, it raises the total to $13,277!!  Job well done!

list of fundraiser donors

Donor List