A message from the principal

Da Vinci High school opened in 2004 with a small-school grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and was originally located on the Davis Senior High School campus (DSHS). As one of the earliest members of the New Tech Network, Da Vinci founded itself on the core principals of Project Based Learning (PBL), and creating a collaborative and inclusive school community. In 2009, the school became a Dependent Charter of the Davis Joint Unified School District and was renamed Da Vinci Charter Academy (DVCA). Da Vinci High School moved to the Valley Oak Campus and shortly after that, the Da Vinci Junior High program was added on the Emerson campus. Today, DVCA serves approximately 600 students in grades 7-12 at the two sites and offers an A-G, WASC accredited, college preparatory program.

Da Vinci remains a unique and progressive school that is committed to deeper learning. In addition to showing competency in course content areas, Da Vinci students demonstrate their learning through our school-wide learning outcomes which include: Oral Communication, Written Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Curricular Literacy, Professionalism, and Learning Mindset. Students and families have continual access to course content and course progress through Echo, our school’s Learning Management System. Now in its 14th year, Da Vinci remains committed to its core mission of graduating students that are prepared for college or career in the 21st century.

What sets DVCA apart?
We focus on education that is student-centered and relevant to post-high school life. We also create an environment that is inclusive, collaborative, and positive. Together these qualities make DVCA a school where each student can develop valuable skills and knowledge for college and career success while feeling connected and valued by the community.

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Tyler Millsap
Da Vinci Charter Academy