Da Vinci Charter Academy Program and Facilities Plans
Posted on 06/18/2019
Da Vinci Charter Academy Program and Facilities Plans Logo

Da Vinci Charter Academy’s program and facilities plans were approved by the DJUSD Board of Education on May 30th 2019. The program component of this plan includes moving our Da Vinci 9th graders from the current Da Vinci/Emerson Junior High Campus to the Da Vinci High School Site in order to establish a 9th grade through 12th grade high school program. We will also be expanding enrollment of our 7th and 8th grade from 100 students to 140 students. We hope for implementation of the grade 9 change by the start 2022-23 school year but it does depend upon the pace of the construction projects. On the facilities side of the plan, the Da Vinci Campus will be receiving some much-needed additions and upgrades. The list of improvements is extensive but some important highlights include:

  • an additional science lab/classroom
  • additional on-campus parking
  • re-location of the Children’s Center Preschool Programs to Korematsu Elementary and other satellite campuses
  • a bike path providing access from the front and rear of campus
  • outdoor seating for students
  • re-location of the Da Vinci Administration, Counseling, and Student Support Services to the front offices of the Valley Oak Campus
  • dedicated P.E. locker rooms
  • additional restrooms
  • a “mini gym” with space for indoor athletic activities, performances, and community events
  • 2 NEW science classroom at the Junior High Campus (Emerson Jr. High)

The Da Vinci staff is beyond excited about the opportunities that this plan provides for our program. We are grateful for the wide-ranging advocacy that took place to bring this plan to fruition. Students, alumni, parents, and staff all participated in illuminating and supporting the need for this plan and speaking to the value that Da Vinci has brought to so many students and families over the years – thank you to those that supported this effort!