Senior Trip 

The senior trip is Wednesday, June 3rd through Friday, June 5th.  Senior trip forms should have been turned in.  The senior trip medication form  will be due at at a later date.  The DVHS Senior Trip Itinerary, which includes packing notes, will be posted as the trip approaches, but you may view the link to last year's trip.

Meanwhile . . .
The Class of 2020 would like to borrow beach and shade equipment to make their day at Newport Beach a happy memory, not one of severe sunburn and pain.  Please consider lending us your equipment. A sign up sheet will be posted later.


Please label everything very clearly with your name and phone number (multiple times, inside and out).  If you have any questions, please contact Adela Johnson. Thank you so much for considering this request.

Da Vinci Senior Trip Team

Delivery:  TBA

Pickup:  When you pick your senior up from the trip Friday evening.  No luggage will be released until items are claimed.        

Please note that we cannot store these items.