1929 Night (Juniors)

Driving Question:

How did change characterize the Roaring 20s?

Project Overview:

Welcome to the cat’s meow of all night projects, 1929 Night! Debutantes and bootleggers alike take over Da Vinci to present all they’ve learned about one of America’s most influential epochs - the Roaring Twenties - to an audience of the public who have magically traveled back in time. Jazz will be played, flappers will dance, you might even catch a mob boss on a caper... just stay out of the speakeasies and away from the cops and you’ll be copacetic! 
Today’s America was heavily influenced by the cultural, financial and artistic change of the 1920s, and by the end of the project, Da Vinci’s juniors are experts on all of it. Each team creates a vintage magazine that is both beautiful and informative, exploring a variety of niches from lifestyle to crime, and to celebrate their work, throw an utterly hip to the jive launch party in late February. 1929 is one of the most impressive night projects at DV in terms of both academic excellence and stunning artistry, and for good reason: our juniors know how to play as hard as they work. 

View 1929 Night Magazines here.

Student Quote:

Sophie Coil, DV Class of 2025, says: “I enjoy seeing the magazine come together and the amount of work put into it. It is really cool to end up with a tangible finished product. I am proud of how well organized I have been and the ideas I contributed to the cover and layout of the magazine.”