HSI Early College &  Dual-Enrollment

The Sac City Dual-Enrollment program is for DJUSD students in grades 9-12 with a 2.0 GPA or higher. Here is a link to the application packet: https://scc.losrios.edu/student-resources/support-services/early-college-program-(hsi)

Why consider a Dual-Enrollment course?

1.Begin College Earlier 
You get a head start on earning college-level credits. (One class will also count toward your high school diploma.) You can even earn an Associate’s degree or professional certificate while still in high school! 

2. Affordability
You’ll save money! Dual enrollment classes are FREE for high school students. 

3. Transferability
The courses are transferable to a UC/CSU, and meet AA/AS requirements. 

4. Academic Resources
Taking college classes typically gives you access to the many useful resources the college has to offer. This can include its library, computer labs and study rooms, providing an alternate stimulating environment for you to do your schoolwork.

5. Increase your high school GPA 
If you do well in a community college course and provide the transcript to your school, one class can count towards DJUSD graduation and your GPA. Community college courses receive equivalent weight as an AP or honors class, which is attractive to potential 4-year colleges. 

6. Figure out Your Future
If you’re a high school student in your junior or senior year who hasn’t yet decided what you want to major in at college, or what college you want to go to, dual enrollment can help you explore your options and receive valuable guidance from college advisors.

7.  Less Time to A College Degree
Taking college classes while in high school will reduce the amount of credits you need for your degree when you become a full-time college student. That means you can graduate, take fewer credits each semester or transfer earlier!

8. Be College-Ready
You’re likely to be better prepared for your first year of full-time college, finding it easier to adjust to the higher demands of college-level courses. You know what to expect!

9. College Clubs and Events
As a dually enrolled student, you can take advantage of the special interest/social activities on the college’s campus as well as live events such as plays and concerts. 

Fall 2022 Sac City Dual-Enrollment DJUSD Course Offerings

ETHNS 300 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
This course uses comparative methods to introduce the diverse institutional, cultural, and historical issues relating to the past and present life circumstances of Asian Americans, Mexican/Hispanic/Chicano/Latino Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, and other recent immigrant groups. The course is designed to introduce students to information presented in upper division courses with ethnic studies content. This course was formerly known as SOCSC 300, Introduction to Ethnic Studies.
Class Number: LEC 18918
Term: August 20 to December 15
Instruction Mode: Hybrid Synchronous Online
Day/Time: Mondays, 2:40 pm to 3:30 pm
Instructors: Keith R Heningburg

ADMJ 300 Introduction to Administration of Justice
This course introduces the characteristics of the American criminal justice system, U.S. Constitutional Rights, criminal activity, crime causation, domestic and international criminal threats, law enforcement response to criminal activity, and future law enforcement trends. It emphasizes the components of the American justice system, due process, courts and correctional services, ethics, and leadership.
Class Number: LEC 18917
Term: August 20 to December 15
Instruction Mode: Hybrid Synchronous Online
Day/Time: Mondays, 2:40 pm to 3:30 pm
Instructors: Kelly L Gould

HCD 310 College Success
This course provides students with an introduction to student learning expectations and the outcomes of higher education. Through exposure, exploration, and application of intellectual, social, cultural, and psychological principles students will obtain the skills necessary to reach their educational objectives and prepare them for the challenges of the educational curriculum required to be successful in higher education. Students will expand their knowledge and personal awareness in regard to academic motivation, self-discipline, career exploration, and personal responsibility. Strategies will include an introduction to critical thinking in an academic setting, effective communication skills, goal setting techniques, and study skills. College resources and information competency will also be covered. It is highly recommended for new, continuing, and returning students. The course may be offered for specific populations. An optional field trip may be included.
Class Number: LEC 18896
Term: August 20 to December 15
Instruction Mode: Hybrid Synchronous Online
Day/Time: Thursdays, 2:20 pm to 3:30 pm
Instructor: TBA*