Senior Updates April
Posted on 04/07/2023
 Graduation Cap TossIt’s that time of year where you and your senior(s) get to start planning for graduation. In fact, there are just 9 weeks until the big event! We are excited to celebrate the accomplishments of each one of our soon-to-be graduates and this communication is intended to keep you up to date on graduation and other important senior-related events.

Da Vinci High School Graduation
The Da Vinci High School Graduation will be held on Thursday, June 8th at 6:30 p.m. The event will be on the Da Vinci High School campus, specifically in o the new Pamela Mari Tech Hub Building. We anticipate being able to provide enough seating to accommodate up to five guests per graduate but please note that seating is not assigned. If we can increase this number, we’ll share that information at the earliest opportunity. Our ceremony is joyous but also lengthy. Please anticipate a roughly three-hour event.

Graduation Tickets
We have determined that each graduate will be provided with five tickets at no cost. Ticket disbursement is the week of May 1st. Students need to return their textbooks and pay any fines during sixth and seventh period during that week in Room 2 (the students know it as ‘Mike’s Room’). Upon doing so, each student will receive their cap, gown, tassel, and five graduation tickets. The DVHS office is not handling ticket exchanges.  Many students don’t plan to use all five tickets so your student is encouraged to reach out to classmates if you are looking for extra tickets. Please reach out to Mrs. Adela Johnson at [email protected]  if your party will have any accessibility needs for us to consider.

Graduation Rehearsal and Student Arrival Time
All seniors participate in a mandatory graduation rehearsal on Thursday, June 8th at 1:00 p.m. Seniors will be provided with a celebratory lunch and will read their ‘sophomore letters’ then the rehearsal will begin. Students do not need to be wearing their cap and gown for rehearsal. Students will be released from the rehearsal after successfully completing two practice rounds which typically takes about one hour. Students must return by 5:30 p.m. and be in their line up group by 6:00 p.m. They must be in graduation attire at this time. 

Graduation Night Parking

On the night of graduation, please park at the Dollar Tree parking lot next to campus or street parking. There will be extremely limited on-site parking at Da Vinci. 

Caps and Gowns
There are no fees for caps and gowns. Students are allowed to decorate their caps with school-appropriate items. Graduates may also wear recognized objects of religious, cultural significance, or tribal regalia as an adornment to the customary ceremonial attire, as long as the adornment does not cause a substantial disruption of, or material interference with, the graduation ceremony. If you or your student have any questions regarding attire, please direct them to Mr. Bell or Mr. Millsap at the earliest opportunity.

School-issued Laptop Returns
School issued laptops must be returned to our IT Specialist Alex Trabing ([email protected]) the week of Memorial Day, 5/29/23.  Laptop and charger must be returned clean and with all stickers removed.

Diplomas are not handed out at graduation to prevent lost documents and to ensure that students have returned items, cleared fees, and served their community service hours. Graduates can begin picking up their diplomas beginning on Monday, June 12th from the Da Vinci High School office between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. All diplomas must be picked up by Tuesday, June 27th.

Graduation photos: 

We will have students from our Yearbook Class and our Art Teacher taking pictures of seniors during the graduation ceremony.  Pictures will be available for free download the week after graduation via a link that will be sent to all senior families. We are not hiring a professional graduation photographer.

We appreciate your support at home in order to make sure your graduate is informed and fully involved in all of the celebrations of their achievements. You may direct any questions to our graduation team below.

Adela Johnson, Administrative Assistant - [email protected]
Gretchen Conners, Senior Teacher - [email protected]
Scott Stephen Bell - Teaching Vice Principal - [email protected] 
Tyler Millsap - DVCA Principal - [email protected] 


If you still haven’t picked up your cap, gown, tassel and tickets…please come see Mike with your textbooks, Alex with your laptop and charger and Debbie as the final stop where you can pick up your cap, gown, tassel and tickets. 

Senior Lunch
On Thursday, June 8th at 12:00 p.m. at the rainbow stage, please come enjoy some food and receive your sophomore letters. Lunch will be provided from In and Out.