Directing Change

Driving Question:

How can students use their knowledge of psychological disorders and stigma to create Public Service Announcement videos aimed at teens that effectively promote suicide prevention or anti-stigma against mental illness?

Project Overview:

Each student team is tasked with creating an unified, professional one-minute video about either the stigma of mental health issues or suicide prevention to be submitted to the “Directing Change” State competition. Teams interested in greater challenge (and greater prize money if their submission wins) can also focus on “Through the Lens of Culture” or create an “Animated Short.” Additionally, teams will present their video and a final presentation about what they have learned to a panel of professionals who work in the field of psychology, therapy, or counseling.

Student Quote:

"This project allows students to express their ideas in a creative manner, through  a creative medium. At the same time, it has that competitive aspect that drives the students to success." Saif Younis