Dinos' Nest (Seniors)

Welcome to Dinos' Nest 2020! 

We invite you to participate in our online senior signature event competition. This year we did a project redesign of Dragons' Den and renamed it Dinos' Nest. This project is now online and all of our community members are going to be voting on the most viable business idea based on the student's market research. In the past, you would have attended our night time event and heard investment proposals with percentage offerings in the companies, but that part is all gone. We are asking you now to take some time over the next two weeks to browse the website that houses a web page for each student team's business concept. The students were able to develop a business idea and complete the market research before the shut down, and what we have been working on through distance learning is designing web pages to market those ideas. We are hoping that you can browse each web page, their commercials, and advertisements to cast your votes on what you think are the best student products and most viable options for a new business in Davis. 

Below is the link to the website 

Below is the link to your voting form 

Voting opens Tuesday, May 26th, and closes Monday, June 8th at 5 PM. You have two weeks to browse each page. 

Driving Question:

How do I develop a small business in Davis, California?

Project Overview:

Apple was created in a garage, Dell was started in a college dorm, Patagonia began by selling rock-climbing pitons in a backyard… America’s next big thing might as well come from a high school startup team! DV’s students have the perfect blend of creativity and tenacity to make it big in the business world, and nothing could prove that better than Dragon’s Den. 
The high school’s last official night project has seniors presenting business proposals to friends, family, and - even more scarily - potential business investors. For six weeks, students learn about macro and microeconomics, how to valuate a business, the art of advertising, and even the psychological science of giving the people what they want. Want custom jeans or custom computers? Need a party planner? Looking for a late-night study space? Not only do Da Vinci’s seniors have it all, they have it right here in Davis. What could be better? 

Student Quote:

“Dragon’s Den is one of the hardest but most rewarding projects. I feel like all the things we’ve learned in previous years were what made it possible,” Grace Johnson says. “It’s a project only seniors could handle and that’s kind of the beauty of it. You get to see exactly what we’re capable of.”