Graduate Profile


 Curricular Literacy Curricular Literacy (CL) - Learn the content. Understand it thoroughly.
  • CL Defined: Da Vinci students develop understanding and fluency of key knowledge of course subject matter and the standards identified by the State of California. Students are encouraged to pursue their curiosities, challenged to understand content deeply, and to make meaning of what they learn.
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 Critical Thinking  Critical Thinking (CT) - Apply your knowledge. Solve complex problems. Create new solutions.
  • CT Defined:  Da Vinci Students are risk-taking innovators. They confidently apply knowledge and skills in unfamiliar contexts and across various domains, using a range of higher order thinking skills to develop original solutions to complex problems.
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 Written Communication  Written Communication (WC) - Write with purpose. Demonstrate precision. Inform the reader.
  • WC Defined: Da Vinci students organize information, present ideas clearly, use credible evidence, and demonstrate control of the English Language writing conventions. They are able to use tone, subject-specific vocabulary, style, and structure to tailor their message to the task and audience.
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 Oral Communication  Oral Communication (OC) -Speak with confidence. Present your knowledge. Persuade the audience.
  • OC Defined:  Da Vinci students articulate well-developed, complex ideas clearly and with confidence. They are able to adapt their language to the context and task with the poise to express themselves to a variety of audiences.
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 Collaboration  Collaboration (Coll) - Make your contribution. Use everyone’s strengths. We're better together.
  • Coll Defined: Da Vinci students balance confident contributions with effective listening, compromise, and support. They value inclusivity and are able to work with people of varying mindsets, skills, perspectives and strengths in diverse circumstances. Da Vinci students seek both individual and team success.
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 Professionalism  Professionalism (P) - Do the job. Do it on time. Be prepared.
  • P Defined: Da Vinci students continually practice the skills and qualities for success in a professional environment. Completing thorough, high-quality work in a timely manner is at the core of professionalism. Students learn to navigate work environment expectations with confidence and competence.
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 Learning Mindset  Learning Mindset (LM) - Take the challenge. Dare to be wrong. Grow from feedback.
  • LM Defined:  Da Vinci students are motivated to seek challenges and are committed to lifelong learning. They embrace the idea that mistakes and setbacks present opportunities to develop and improve, and that knowledge and skill will grow through effort.
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